Adrian Drewseptember

Meditation - Medicine for the Mind

Adrian Drewseptember
Meditation - Medicine for the Mind

Meditation is a practice that many of us are aware of, yet few know much about. 

Meditation is perhaps the simplest and easiest way to train your mind to stop overthinking. Countless studies prove this statement to be absolute fact.

The practice of meditation is the practice of being present. How often are you truly focused on the here and now? When you eat breakfast, do you give the food you're eating your utmost attention, or do you satisfy your hunger whilst also scrolling through Twitter, replying to text messages and stressing about today's to-do list?

The truth is, humans are very rarely mindful of the present moment - and this is the reason for much of our anxieties. We spend most of our days fretting over the past and the future, forever forgetting to take in the world around us.  

How to Meditate

Take a minute here to tune into your external environment. Notice any sounds around you. The feeling of your body connecting with the floor or your seat. The thoughts circling your mind. 

Congratulations! You have just practiced meditation.

Yes, really. That is all it takes to meditate. You can meditate at any point in the day simply by tuning into your surroundings - becoming a part of the here and now. 

Perhaps the easiest and most effective method of meditation is mindful breathing. As our breath is constantly flowing in and out, observing it is a very simple way to begin focusing on the present. 

Whenever you find yourself feeling fearful:

  • Recognise that you are only anxious because you are not present. 
  • Begin breathing deeply into the base of your stomach. 
  • Focus on each breath as it enters and exits the body.
  • Observe your thoughts. Don't become attached to them, simply let them float around your mind. 
  • If you get lost in your thoughts at any point, simply return to the breath.
  • Begin to feel at peace.

Practicing mindful breathing for just ten minutes a day can work wonders in attaining peace of mind. 

Start today. Thank yourself tomorrow.

Founder of Yugen, passionate self-improver